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 Welcome to Mr Moorwood's class - Class two

Luttons C P School Curriculum Newsletter

Class 2 Autumn term 2017/18.

Topic: Mayan Civilization/Rainforest Settlements

Dear Parents/Guardians,


I hope that you have all had a lovely Summer break and are ready for the new term at Luttons School. Here is a breakdown of what we will be covering during the Autumn term.


We will start by writing mystery and suspense stories in the first half of the autumn term and also writing reports on our history topic: the Mayans.

In the second half-term, we will be looking specifically at what makes a good setting for a story and writing a variety of these to use in a fantasy story. We will also be looking at the narrative poem ‘The Highwayman’.

As always, we will be visiting our local forest on Wednesday afternoons and this will feed into our literacy as well.






We will be following the provision maps inspired by the learning objectives from Hodder education and this can be accurately assessed using the Hodder PUMA assessment which links in to this. This is split into units which will change regularly.



Animals, including Humans.

We will be learning all about how living things survive and what they need to do this. Our main focus will be on the circulatory system and the human digestive system and we will spend some time comparing these to those of other living things.



The second half-term will be spent looking at the various properties of materials and what they can be used for. We will be conducting investigations and testing these properties.



For history, we will be looking at the Mayan civilisation and how this has impacted the wider world and modern culture.



For geography, we will be looking at Rainforest Settlements in the Amazon and how these cultures live. We will also be looking at how this ecosystem works and how the people of this culture live in tandem with it.


 Art/Design and Technology



Art will be focussing on different methods of collaging and using this to create a Mayan collage.

Food and Nutrition

We will be making pizzas in the second half term and we will be considering how we can ensure they are healthy and cater for a variety of dietary needs.



We will focus on two RE units this term: ‘Key Figures, Founders and Leaders’ and ‘Mary’s Milestones’.



We will be looking at using the programming software ‘Scratch’ to make our own computer game in the first half-term.


In the second half-term we will be focussing on e-safety and the importance of staying safe online.



This term, we will be focussing on the music of Abba and how this has been inspired by classical pieces as well as covers and other music which have been inspired by it in turn.


In the second half-term, we will be starting to learn our songs for our Christmas production and eventually putting them together to create our play.


PE and Games will continue to be taught by Mr Ellis this year, who is a specialist in delivering engaging sports-based activities for all ages. Children must have their PE kits in school throughout term, taking them home during holidays to be washed and returned promptly at the start of the new term. The focus of these sessions will be netball for the first half term and dance for the second half term.


For the first ten weeks of term, Class 2 will also be going swimming every Monday and will therefore need their swimming costume, a towel and optional goggles on these days.



Mrs Cordingley (a specialist French Teacher) will be teaching us all about how to talk, read, write and listen in French about different places to go on holiday and features of France during this term. They will learn to use these topics to develop their sentence construction and fluency of speech.



PSHCE will be taken by Mrs Smith during this year on a Wednesday morning, with the topics for this term being ‘The Wider World’ and ‘Relationships’.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the curriculum or anything else then do not hesitate to contact me or come in to see me after school.                                    


Mr Moorwood



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