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Wednesday May 25th 2016

We arrived safely before lunch.

Our first activity was zip wiring. Some of us stayed on the low zip wire but some were extra brave and did the high wire. 

These are some of the comments so far on our first day






We had beef hotpot for tea with fruit salad and ice-cream.

After tea we went orienteering in teams. Well done team Ninja Squirrel - you won! After that we settled down to a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cake for supper. We wrote our first diary extract. We were all tucked up in bed for 10 pm!


Diary extracts for Wednesday May 25th 2016


‘We did zip wiring, I felt really nervous and I felt sick but I pushed my hardest and did it’

‘When it was my turn to go on the small zip wire I felt frightened and worried! Fortunately I did it and enjoyed it!’

‘We have seen Stan the dog and it is a boy, he has a black face and a white beard’

‘We were shown how to put our harnesses on’

'I am going to push myself tomorrow'

'Listen to this Mr White got beaten at pool by Miss Childs'



Thursday May 26th 2016

Today we have had a super busy day.

We had a huge breakfast – bacon, scrambled eggs, beans, toast, cereal and fruit! We then tackled Jacob’s ladder, one of the most difficult activities at Peat Rigg.We completed a low ropes course, working in pairs to support each other over some tricky obstacles. In the afternoon we did archery and tree climbing.

We had a BBQ for tea and then set off on a night line walk. This was all about using our senses and communicating because we were all blind folded.

After more hot chocolate we were snoozing by 9.45 pm.


Diary extracts for Thursday May 26th 2016

'I liked archery the best, I hit a bullseye - whoa!'

'I climbed the tree in 19 seconds when I got to the top it made everyone look small'

'Some of the low ropes course was super challenging'

'It has been the BEST day ever!'

'Listen to this Mr White got beaten in archery by Katness Stephenson'



Friday May 27th 2016

Mr White and Mrs Stephenson had to wake us up this morning at 7.30 am! After hash browns, sausages and tomatoes we were off to abseil. We abseiled off a 70 ft viaduct. It was a challenge but the feeling afterwards was amazing.



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